Natural-dye starter kit

The natural-dye kits for beginners are here!

If this is your first foray into the world of natural-dyeing, I recommend starting with a kit like this. Inside you’ll find detailed instructions, the flowers organically grown in a susteinable flower farm and the amazing italian silks made in Como.

The natural-dyeing kit contains:

🌿 100 gr. of dried petals and flowers heads organically grown by OFF (Olga Flower Farm)

🌿 2 pure Italian crepe silk ribbons made in Como (Italy)

🌿 1 wooden spoon

🌿 Sara Lou’s recipe to dye

🌿 mordants for animal and vegetal fibers

🌿 1 cotton bag to contain the kit

🌿 reference palette (silk dyed)

Please note that the silks are included but you can use the flowers again and again to obtain hue palettes and gradients dyeing more fibers.

You can also buy the kits of GOLD, ORANGE BLOSSOM, XMAS COLLECTION (I ship worldwide: if you need further info for the shipping costs just drop me a line, I’ll be happy to help).